Our goal at TLC Early Learning Center is to provide a developmentally-appropriate learning environment where each child will experience success, and will grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, creatively, socially, and emotionally.

This page describes the core desires and commitments of our Christian community.

  • SPIRITUAL – Training and instruction in traditional Christianity and the Christian life.
  • INTELLECTUAL – Usage of different instructional approaches to meet differing learning styles in helping children achieve their highest potential possible in critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and in the eight curriculum areas.
  • PHYSICAL -Training, through age-appropriate activities, to develop healthy and strong bodies, and encouragement to follow healthy lifestyles. Proper hygiene protocols are followed to insure the safety and well-being of students and staff.
  • CREATIVE – Appreciation of the fine arts as well as developing and nurturing individual talents in all creative areas.
  • SOCIAL – Encouragement to approach life and our fellow human beings in a Christ-like manner with Christ’s command to love one another as one’s self as the paradigm. Bullying is not tolerated and is dealt with compassionate and firm action.
  • EMOTIONAL – Meeting the three critical needs of life – identity, security, and meaning – through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, by nurturing the gift of faith that comes from God through a good curriculum and a Christ-enriched day.